A Voice Of A Lost God Returns

A Voice Of A Lost God Returns #3

The sky cracks in half as the long forgotten voice of a lost GOD returns to earth. The air began to resonate as it shifted through the atmosphere of carbon nitrogen and oxygen. The make up of life changed unbeknownst to anyone. As the voice wrapped itself around the planet and began to touch the ground the static rose on the skin of their backs. June's hair was floating as though she was submerged in water. A buzzing sound could faity be heard. A pulse shook through the ground. Sepp falls to the ground beside june. The two bury their heads into each other's shoulders. They scream in unison as they expect the building they are in to fall in on them. And then suddenly everything stops
#3d render #blender #spiritual #ps1 fmv #retro aesthetic
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05, Oct 2022

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